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Who Are You Building For?

Our home was built a little more than a hundred years ago. Our neighborhood is full of these craftsmans - in fact one of our neighbors has lived in her home for more than 90 years.

Rarely does a day go by where I don’t appreciate some details about our house. Not because it’s perfect - nothing is. What’s so amazing to me is realizing that the house I’m living in was built as much for me - a stranger in the future! - as it was for the initial occupants.

It’s not an accident that a hundred years later our home is in great shape - better than many of the newer paces I’ve lived. That's because longevity was a feature - in fact, an integral design - in both the architecture and construction of this home.

What are you building? Who are you building it for? Homes built just to serve one generation don’t last much longer. Sometimes they don't even last that long. 

Dreams and ideas are like houses. Build them just to serve your needs and there's a good chance you'll outlive them. But build your dreams for more than just yourself and you might find they last for generations to come.

Who is Building Your Life With You?

A friend shared a list of the 10 most influential people in his life over the last year. What a remarkable practice. But even more, what remarkable vision to see the influence people bear on his life.

It’s a habit we’d all do well to adopt, because we never shape the world alone. In fact, we are dependent on the influence of the people around us to find our own shape. As John Donne wrote:

"No man is an island entire of itself; every man 

is a piece of the continent, a part of the main"

There’s not one of us who can find our way in life alone. Not a one of us, not matter how great our gifts may be, that isn’t lacking in some area. The magic of community is that one person’s weaknesses are so often perfectly complemented by the strengths of another.

Who is building in to your life? Do they know how much meaning their gifts bring to you? Do you know?

The Beginning is Where You Start

How does your favorite story start?

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

"There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it."

"The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
So we sat in the house.
All that cold, cold, wet day.

This week is the opening line of this year of your life. What story will you write? How are you starting that story now?

Sometimes the way a story starts tell you a lot about how the story ends. But plenty of stories with great endings have humble beginnings. What’s most important to remember is that without a beginning you can’t have a story at all.

So if you’ve got pockets lined with goals and a heart full of resolve, don’t forget to start at the beginning. Even if the best start you can muster is a small one.


Live a Life of Wonder

“Wonder” usually means one of two things.

“Awe and wonder” is probably what most people think of when they hear “wonder". That’s the feeling you get when you encounter something greater than you thought possible. Awe and wonder is what you experience when you see Starry Night in person. It's what happens when you see your first starry night in rural Africa. That sort of wonder is a child’s first steps, a volleyed goal in extra time, a perfect kiss.

That sort of wonder comes in a moment of fully realized potential that blows past our expectations.

Funny enough, the other way we usually experience wonder is when we’re first settings expectations. “I wonder” is the first step on so many journeys. I wonder what’s over there? I wonder what would happen if I tried this idea? …If I asked her out? …Started my own business? Took the road less travelled?

The thing is, without someone thinking “I wonder” none of us get to experience awe and wonder. Without someone acting on their curiosity - without someone taking practical steps to chase an idea - nothing wonderful ever happens.

Living a life of wonder isn’t just about experiencing someone else's ideas come to pass. Life is more than watching someone else’s dreams come true.

The new year lays before you. What are you wondering about? What possibilities can you chase? What potential can you realize? And what wonder can you create this year?

12 Days of Wonder

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We're shipping out gifts to the winners today - our last giveaway is a Christmas Set so you've still got one more chance to win!

Made in Orlando Gift Guide

Orlando's claims to fame is the Magic Kingdom. But the Disney experience isn't all Orlando has to offer. In fact the creative culture has birthed a number of awesome companies that make it easy to put together this guide to "Made in Orlando" gifting. 

1. Rifle Paper Co

Rifle Calendar
Travel to any fun or beautiful boutique across America and there's a good chance you'll run into paper goods from Rifle. Whether it's note cards or calendar or even book covers Rifle's design is up there with Orlando's most significant current Orlando exports. We're going with a Wonderfam staple - the Rifle wall calendar which keeps us sorted between date nights and school event nights. [ Rifle Paper Co. | Paradise Gardens Wall Calendar - $26 ]

2. Lineage Coffee

The guys at Lineage are as obsessed with coffee as we are with marshmallows. We've stocked them in our shop and marveled at how well they roast beans even here in humid Orlando. They've got a subscription service to make sure the best beans around show up straight to your door, weekly. [ Lineage | Weekly Coffee Subscription - $16 ]

3. Makr

Makr designs incredible carry goods, furniture and even eyewear from their studio in Winter Park. They've got some pricier (and wonderful!) leather goods but we're head over heels in love with their bottle opener key. [ Makr | Bottle Key in Antique Brass - $11 ]

4. Orlando Shirts

Love Orlando and want to tell the world? Orlando Shirts has you covered with dozens of 407-specific ways to wear your love. [ Orlando Shirts | Orlando Baseball Tee - $22 ]

5. Secret Society Goods

Looking for a gift for the person who has everything? Enter the ghost-themed loop keychain: The utility of keeping keys plus the whimsy of a hand-stained ghost bead offers a unique win-win. [ Secret Society Goods | Florida Insignia Pin - $8 ]

6. 12 Degrees West

12°W crafts exceptional leather goods. While many craftsman do stellar work with bags, wallets or even furniture, 12°W won us over with this beautifully crafted leather baseball. [ 12°W | Custom Leather Baseball - $40 ]

7. Project Pop

Food makes a great gift and who doesn't love great popcorn? For those few non-popcorn lovers maybe part of the problem is that they haven't tried Project Pop's premium organic popcorn. [ Project Pop's Organic Kettle Corn 2-Pack - $18.50 ]

8. 9th Letter Press

Still a handwritten grocery list household? (Don't worry, so are we!) Thoughtfully designed grocery list stationary is the first step to thoughtfully made meal plans. [ 9th Letter Press Grocery List - $9 ]

9. Hellcats Inc

Pins and patches brighten up even the drabbest lapel or backpack. Plus they may for great stocking stuffers or office gifts. So call out the sweet tooth-ed friend in your life with Hellcat's lovingly designed pin. [ Hellcats Inc | Sweet Tooth Lapel Pin - $10 ]

10. Wondermade

We're definitely biased when it comes to ourselves! But one of our favorites things about Wondermade is hearing from Orlando transplants who find us in local shops and feel a connection back to home. So we included our most popular and widely stocked marshmallows to round out the list. And besides - who doesn't love a good bourbon marshmallow? [ Wondermade | Bourbon Marshmallows - $8 ]

This isn't a complete list of the Orlando-made awesome you can gift this year. But it's our start! If you think we missed something drop us a line and we'll keep adding to our made-in-Orlando gift guide.

Our Story

As told by Nathan Clark

Wondermade started as a gift.

Christmas was approaching and I was stuck without any great gift ideas. I wanted to give something awesome to Jenn, but nothing seemed right. I heard an interview on NPR about candy and started wondering how to make candy. A little time on the Internet and I'd learned we had everything we needed to cook our own marshmallows except for a candy thermometer and some know-how.

Lucky me, she loved the gift. So we cooked our first batch and were pretty amazed at just how good they were. That's not because we were candy-making prodigies - a quick glance at the ingredients on store-bought marshmallows helped us realize that we'd just grown up with low-quality candy.

So we kept cooking, trying new recipes and different flavors. You can't cook just one marshmallow, so we always had copious quantities to give to our friends.

I still remember the first time a friend asked to order some of our marshmallows. It was a huge "Aha!" moment for us. We loved these marshmallows. So did our friends. Why wouldn't everyone? So we spent a year perfecting our recipes. We spent that year perfecting our processes. And we spent that year perfecting our packaging so that every detail of Wondermade was built with as much love and care as we put into our marshmallows.

Wondermade started with an act of love. It's that same love today that keeps us committed to crafting incredible marshmallows that are as fun to share as they are to eat.


How quickly will my order ship?

Information on shipping schedules, as well as typical ship times is available on our shipping page. New orders are currently expected to ship in 1-2 days via USPS. Domestic shipping costs $3.45 for 1 box, and then $1 for each additional box.

How many marshmallows come in a box?

We put 16 1"x1" marshmallows in every box. After we cut them to size, we arrange them in a tidy grid, seal them in a plastic bag and finally nestle your mallows into our signature 4.2"x4.2" boxes.

What's the shelf life of Wondermade marshmallows?

Shelf life ranges from 6-16 weeks with everything we're shipping good until at least late February.

What kind of sugar do you use? Is there corn syrup in your marshmallows?

We exclusively use cane sugar for all of our marshmallows. We think cane sugar is the best tasting sweetener around. There are corn syrups made to taste just like cane sugar. Many people cook with them, but they're chemically different. Cane sugar is sucrose; corn syrups are a mix of glucose and fructose in varying percentages. That means they bind to ingredients differently, they cook differently and your body processes them differently. We think their sort of 'different' isn't very good. We prefer being the sort of "different" that's better. It is easier to make marshmallows with corn syrups. But we're in the business of superior marshmallows, not easier-for-us marshmallows. So we're more than willing to take extra steps to deliver extra good mallows.

Who designed your logo? Who printed your boxes?

We obsess over every ingredient and every step of the cooking process to bring you the best marshmallows around. We wanted someone who cared that much about design for our logo, and someone who cared that much about printing for our boxes. We partnered with Heads of State out of Philadelphia for the branding and design work we needed. Then we took their work to Studio on Fire for their incredible work with their antique letterpresses. They're both remarkable teams and we can't recommend either highly enough.

Made in Sanford Orlando, FL at 214 E First St Sanford FL 32771 / 407-205-9569 /
Fun to eat, fun to share, Made with 100% sweet, magic air
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