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Who Are You Building For?

Our home was built a little more than a hundred years ago. Our neighborhood is full of these craftsmans - in fact one of our neighbors has lived in her home for more than 90 years.

Rarely does a day go by where I don’t appreciate some details about our house. Not because it’s perfect - nothing is. What’s so amazing to me is realizing that the house I’m living in was built as much for me - a stranger in the future! - as it was for the initial occupants.

It’s not an accident that a hundred years later our home is in great shape - better than many of the newer paces I’ve lived. That's because longevity was a feature - in fact, an integral design - in both the architecture and construction of this home.

What are you building? Who are you building it for? Homes built just to serve one generation don’t last much longer. Sometimes they don't even last that long. 

Dreams and ideas are like houses. Build them just to serve your needs and there's a good chance you'll outlive them. But build your dreams for more than just yourself and you might find they last for generations to come.