Tomorrow would be better with marshmallows!

Vote with your life

So many boxes!

It's election day but that doesn't mean we can't vote tomorrow too! Build the future you want by voting with your life, 365 days of the year.                                 

Once every few years America gathers to vote for our elected officials. But how do we vote the other days? And how does it even work to vote when there’s not an actual election going on?

We started Wondermade because we saw a problem that needed fixing - the world was missing out on really great marshmallows! And we realized we could solve that problems and build a future that included great marshmallows for everyone. We could build a better world with Wondermade marshmallows.

So we did. With a lot of hard work and even more luck, day after day we voted for that better future. We voted with our perseverance. We voted with tightened belts. We voted with tears and hopes in the face of challenges. We voted with new hires, with shipped orders, with new flavors, with TED talks and now even ice cream.

We voted with our lives.

Every day we walk into Wondermade we cast a ballot for the future. It’s the same thing we do with every minute we spend as a couple. As parents. As friends. As neighbors. As the church.

As long as we outsource our future to any politician of course we’ll be disappointed. Because pursuing our dreams and hopes and future isn’t their job - it’s ours. 

So vote today for your elected officials. Good governance is a big deal! But then get back to voting every day for the future God put you here for. Vote with every fiber of your soul. Vote with your life.