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Live a Life of Wonder

“Wonder” usually means one of two things.

“Awe and wonder” is probably what most people think of when they hear “wonder". That’s the feeling you get when you encounter something greater than you thought possible. Awe and wonder is what you experience when you see Starry Night in person. It's what happens when you see your first starry night in rural Africa. That sort of wonder is a child’s first steps, a volleyed goal in extra time, a perfect kiss.

That sort of wonder comes in a moment of fully realized potential that blows past our expectations.

Funny enough, the other way we usually experience wonder is when we’re first settings expectations. “I wonder” is the first step on so many journeys. I wonder what’s over there? I wonder what would happen if I tried this idea? …If I asked her out? …Started my own business? Took the road less travelled?

The thing is, without someone thinking “I wonder” none of us get to experience awe and wonder. Without someone acting on their curiosity - without someone taking practical steps to chase an idea - nothing wonderful ever happens.

Living a life of wonder isn’t just about experiencing someone else's ideas come to pass. Life is more than watching someone else’s dreams come true.

The new year lays before you. What are you wondering about? What possibilities can you chase? What potential can you realize? And what wonder can you create this year?