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6 ways to celebrate S’mores Day

National S’mores Day is August 10 and we’re excited! Not just because it’s my birthday, though can you believe that? Talk about a sign from God, that my birthday would turn out to be National S’mores Day!
We’re excited because here at Wondermade we’re inviting thousands of friends and neighbors and customers to a S’mores Party to set a world record for the most people making a s’mores at the same time.
Here are 6 easy ways you can celebrate this ultra-fun national holiday:
  1. Join us for the S’mores Party! We’ll have live music, a kids zone with free games and all sort of activities. Plus free s’mores for the record setting event at 7pm! Click here to register, or sign up on our Facebook page.
  2. Try a s’mores with different candy bars instead of chocolates. Just swap our your regular chocolate pieces for a Kit Kats. Or drizzle some m&ms over your toasted marshmallows before you press the gooey mess between the graham crackers.
  3. Have a best s’mores” contest to see who can make the most creative concoction. We did a partnership with Triscuit and made a s’mores with Blackberry Marshmallows, nutella and a banana on a Triscuit. What crazy creation can you come up with?
  4. Pack all the supplies you need for s’mores and surprise your co-workers or classmates with lunchtime treats. You can use a microwave or toaster oven to heat the mallows and while of course real fire is the best way to make a s’mores, it’s a great chance to make someone’s day a little s’more fun.
  5. See who can build the tallest s’mores. We’re actually hosting a contest to see who can win that very contest at our S’mores Day Party. You can enter ours (email us for details) or compete from home. We’ll report back on our winning team’s s’mores next week so you can see how you stack up.
  6. Order Wondermade S’mores Marshmallows! We can do all the work for you and send you our half-chocolate, half-vanilla mallows, rolled in crushed graham cracker for the most fun imaginable.