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10,000 Gifts

So many boxes!

Last month a corporate client asked us to ship 10,000 deliveries of marshmallows to their customers. That’s 10,000 boxes, each filled with a box of Fireball Marshmallows along with an encouraging note from their company.

Now 10,000 boxes is a lot of orders. It’s enough to fill a semi! Except we were shipping with USPS and they didn’t send us any tractor trailers. Instead they sent their mail trucks which we filled over, and over, and over. In fact, it took us 20 USPS trucks to load all the boxes.

That meant for the week our shipping area was overflowing with boxes. Our stock shelves were filled with row after row of Fireball mallows. For weeks our whole shop smelled faintly of cinnamon… which was awesome! But despite Hurricane Matthew’s best efforts we got all of the orders boxed and taped and shipped and into the hands of the client’s customers.

As soon as the deliveries started arriving we started hearing from some of the recipients. We’ve seen enthusiastic social media posts and fielded some awesome emails and even phone calls. See these shipments were surprises - unexpected gifts designed to introduce a moment of joy into people's days.

And from what we’ve heard and seen it’s worked! So if you have some customers you want to delight or appreciate or just say thanks to, let us know. We’d love to help you add a little wonder to their day!