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St Patrick's Set

St Patrick's Set

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Celebrate all things Irish with this 4-box set featuring Irish Cream made with real Bailey's, Stout Beer made with Guinness, Rainbow Cookie… and at the end of the rainbow, Gold Champagne marshmallows which are topped in real 24 karat gold!

Every box of Wondermade marshmallows is handcrafted using superior ingredients for an incredibly delightful taste adventure. That's why Wondermade has been featured in dozens of magazines and on countless websites and blogs all around the world.

Our marshmallows taste incredible right out of the box. You can also use a Wondermade marshmallow to sweeten a cup of hot chocolate. Or try them on top of a tray of brownies. Wondermade marshmallows will also turn any s'mores into something even more special.

Our Stout Beer marshmallows contain gluten.

Marshmallows all have a best by between 2-4 months from cook date, depending on flavor.