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1000 days of red pants

Today marks 1000 days of wearing red pants. Red has always been my favorite color and I’d wanted a pair of red pants since I was a kid. When I finally saw a pair in a store the next day became my new favorite day of the week, decked out in those red pants.

Quickly I realized if I had a second pair I could have two favorite days of the week. After conferring with my wife (“Can I get away with wearing red pants twice a week?” “Of course!”) I moved to two pair of red pants and two favorite days of the week.

What kind of person, when confronted with the chance to make every day a favorite day, would turn that down? Soon thereafter my closet was filled with matching trousers and my calendar was filled with matching favorite days.

It’s the same rationale that led my wife and I so quickly to move from a date to dating to marriage. Whether it pants or people, when you know you’ve found a favorite don’t be afraid to go all in.

At times it’s been hard. When my kids threw a marker in with a load of red pants that was nearly the end of the experiment. As you may imagine, they’re not the easiest clothes to come by. 

1000 days in and I’m not looking for my out. Much like in marriage there’s a joy that comes from the rhythm of sameness. And while the grass could be greener, the pants can only get redder.