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Known for its sweet body and warm aroma, bourbon from the finest of Kentucky's distillers makes a seamless shift into these delicious whisky treats.

All of our marshmallows are made with real cane sugar, for a crisper "sweet" and a better aftertaste. Gluten-Free and made with Kosher ingredients. Each box of 16 marshmallows is packaged in lovingly letter-pressed, American-made paper.

Upgrade your marshmallow experience with our Boozy Mallow set including our Bourbon mallows PLUS our Beer, Gin and Fireball marshmallows.

Currently shipping marshmallows best by Feb 23, 2024 or later

Cane sugar, Makers Mark™ Straight Bourbon Whiskey, kosher gelatin, pure vanilla extract, confection sugar (sugar, corn starch), cream of tartar

Marshmallows all have a best by between 2-4 months from cook date, depending on flavor.