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10 thoughts about love from a marshmallow expert


1. Love requires giving. And giving always means someone else ends up with more, while you end up with less. If that's not happening than you're not really loving anyone.

2. Someone loved you first. In fact, many people have loved you before you ever loved them.

3. "There's no greater love than laying down your life for a friend.” This is 100% true, but practically speaking people rarely need someone to die for them. Don't miss the regular love people do need every day in the form of someone who will live for them.

4. Love always has a cost.

5. If there's not someone you'd consider dying for then there's probably no one you’ll consider living for either.

6. Looking at where you spend your time, treasure and talents is the quickest way to tell who you love. And who loves you.

7. You teach the people around you how to love you by how you love them.

8. The second law of thermodynamics states that everything is moving toward chaos. The universe is heading toward disorder and destruction. Love runs against the universe and out of nothing, constructs. Where physics drives us toward nothingness, love drives us towards somethingness.

9. Love is always a choice.

10. The only way to love big is to start by loving small. The only way to love often is to love once. There's no other path to a life of love than a collection of small actions.


Nathan Clark founded Wondermade with his wife, Jenn, whom he loves. They make really great marshmallows, ice cream and kids and occasionally Nathan speaks about Love and Marshmallows.