Mother's Day

Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is just around the corner and we've got the perfect gift set for the mom in your life. This 4-box set features Mocha Chip, Mimosa, Gold Champagne, and Rosé. Each box is fully of flavor and fun, and a couple are only available for a limited time! Our staff's favorite pick of the bunch is the Mocha Chip, which tastes so much like a brownie that everyone is going to want a mallow of their own.

All of our marshmallows are made with real cane sugar, for a crisper "sweet" and a better aftertaste. Each of these boxes of 16 marshmallows are gluten-free and made with Kosher ingredients, packaged in lovingly letter-pressed, American-made paper.

Order by 4pm ET on Wednesday, May 4 for Mother's Day delivery.

Marshmallows all have a best by between 2-4 months from cook date, depending on flavor.