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Yesterday I started the ice cream diet. I know that sounds funny but give me a minute and I think you’ll see how this makes all the sense in the world.

See most diets are about what you didn’t eat. What if instead diets could be about having fun with what you did eat?


That’s what this ice cream diet is. A chance to spend a week having incredible fun touring through 21 flavors of our new Wondermade Ice Cream. So that’s what I’m doing! For the next week, 3 meals a day are ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!

I know it might sound crazy but sometimes in life we need a little more crazy. Plus it’s a great chance to show off not just Wondermade Ice Cream, but also to show off how much more you can do with ice cream than people might think.

So what makes Wondermade Ice Cream worth it? Not only does it taste amazing - it’s also different than probably any other ice cream you’ve ever had. See usually when you make ice cream you mix the cream and milk and sugar then you slowly churn the ice cream while you freeze it. That’s why when it melts it turns into ice cream soup - all the air that gets added it just added by freezing.

But our ice cream start with house made whipped cream. So right at the start we bind the air and the volume by turning heavy whipping cream into whipped cream. Then we add the milk and sugar and other ingredients.

That means we’ve got two sorts of magic at work here:

1. We get to make the most incredible flavored whipped creams around. Our lavender ice cream starts with lavender whipped cream. Our triple chocolate ice cream starts with dark chocolate whipped cream. So we’re pretty spoiled in the getting-to-have-awesome-whipped-cream world.

2. When our ice cream melts it doesn’t just turn into ice cream soup. It turns back into whipped cream! It’s almost like two desserts in one. That’s especially fun if you’re enjoying the ice cream in a cone because especially in a place like Orlando you aren’t in quite the race against time.

Back to the diet!

Maple Bacon Ice Cream Breakfast

I started yesterday morning with Maple Bacon Ice Cream served with extra bacon on a waffle bed. Put simply, the Maple Bacon Ice Cream is amazing. It’s got the perfect mix of salty and sweet in large part because we use grade A maple syrup for the base because candying the bacon in-house for the mixin.

It was just as good as you'd think it would be!

For lunch I had Avocado Ice Cream with pineapple peach salsa on a bed of corn chips. Avocado Ice Cream is a wonderful and definitely surprising. It’s our most popular sample flavors at the shop and for good reason. We take perfectly ripened avocados and puree them for this ice cream. It’s pretty amazing because when you turn avocado into ice cream all the mildly bitter notes of avocado that good guac brings out get hidden. Instead the warmer fruity notes get drawn out by the ice cream making the most refreshing ice cream imaginable.

I wrapped up the first day with Cornbread Ice Cream for dinner. We roasted some corn and summer squash as a garnish and it was amazing. To see how it turns out and how the next 6 days go, be sure to follow along at Kickstarter or on Instagram or on Facebook.

Our Story

As told by Nathan Clark

Wondermade started as a gift.

Christmas was approaching and I was stuck without any great gift ideas. I wanted to give something awesome to Jenn, but nothing seemed right. I heard an interview on NPR about candy and started wondering how to make candy. A little time on the Internet and I'd learned we had everything we needed to cook our own marshmallows except for a candy thermometer and some know-how.

Lucky me, she loved the gift. So we cooked our first batch and were pretty amazed at just how good they were. That's not because we were candy-making prodigies - a quick glance at the ingredients on store-bought marshmallows helped us realize that we'd just grown up with low-quality candy.

So we kept cooking, trying new recipes and different flavors. You can't cook just one marshmallow, so we always had copious quantities to give to our friends.

I still remember the first time a friend asked to order some of our marshmallows. It was a huge "Aha!" moment for us. We loved these marshmallows. So did our friends. Why wouldn't everyone? So we spent a year perfecting our recipes. We spent that year perfecting our processes. And we spent that year perfecting our packaging so that every detail of Wondermade was built with as much love and care as we put into our marshmallows.

Wondermade started with an act of love. It's that same love today that keeps us committed to crafting incredible marshmallows that are as fun to share as they are to eat.


How quickly will my order ship?

Information on shipping schedules, as well as typical ship times is available on our shipping page. New orders are currently expected to ship in 1-2 days via USPS. Domestic shipping costs $3.45 for 1 box, and then $1 for each additional box.

How many marshmallows come in a box?

We put 16 1"x1" marshmallows in every box. After we cut them to size, we arrange them in a tidy grid, seal them in a plastic bag and finally nestle your mallows into our signature 4.2"x4.2" boxes.

What's the shelf life of Wondermade marshmallows?

Shelf life ranges from 6-16 weeks with everything we're shipping.

What kind of sugar do you use? Is there corn syrup in your marshmallows?

We exclusively use cane sugar for all of our marshmallows. We think cane sugar is the best tasting sweetener around. There are corn syrups made to taste just like cane sugar. Many people cook with them, but they're chemically different. Cane sugar is sucrose; corn syrups are a mix of glucose and fructose in varying percentages. That means they bind to ingredients differently, they cook differently and your body processes them differently. We think their sort of 'different' isn't very good. We prefer being the sort of "different" that's better. It is easier to make marshmallows with corn syrups. But we're in the business of superior marshmallows, not easier-for-us marshmallows. So we're more than willing to take extra steps to deliver extra good mallows.

Who designed your logo? Who printed your boxes?

We obsess over every ingredient and every step of the cooking process to bring you the best marshmallows around. We wanted someone who cared that much about design for our logo, and someone who cared that much about printing for our boxes. We partnered with Heads of State out of Philadelphia for the branding and design work we needed. Then we took their work to Studio on Fire for their incredible work with their antique letterpresses. They're both remarkable teams and we can't recommend either highly enough.

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